In order to keep remembrance of the great events of life Damis Films makes movies/films about wedding parties, blessing ceremonies, entertainment, etc.


Damis Films makes spots, Public Service Announcements, short films commissioned by companies. These commercials are edited in order to be shown in public areas or on TV channels.


Nowadays a marketing video film is one of the main points to communicate with your clients and partners. In the making of a commissioned films, the process begins through meeting, call and e-mail. This is where the client meets Damis Films team and lays out the guidelines of project. A timeline and a budget are established. This also maps out, locations to be used, sequences of shooting, and scripting.

When the production is completed, post-production activities include editing the footage, adding a soundtrack of music, titles and sub-titles to a final approved version and transferring the finished films to DVD or Blu-ray. The final touches include preparing label and cover, and duplicating it to order.

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We offer to edit your personal footage, a diaporama from your personal pictures. We can add titles, subtitles, music and special effects. We offer to create labels and covers for you DVD or Blu-Ray disks and cases. Damis Films can burn and duplicate CD, DVD or Blu-Ray from your masters.


With its drone, Damis Films can make amazing video clips in Full HD. For a unique marketing movie ask Damis Films to film your hotel or property from the sky, as he had never before been filmed. Shooting from the sky is also a stunning way to promote big shows, sporting or special events.